Achieving Optimal Outcomes Through Short-Term Rehabilitative Care

Long-Term Care Prioritizing Compassion, Comfort, and Kindness

Fostering Safety & Well-Being Through Compassionate, Skilled Memory Care

Richmond Pines Healthcare & Rehabilitation Center in Hamlet, NC Offers Quality Care for Your Loved One.

Are you struggling with finding:



Round-the-clock care and rehabilitation after an accident or acute illness


24-hour skilled nursing care and monitoring for patients with dementia


Comprehensive nursing care available 24/7 for patients with chronic conditions


Personalized treatment designed to meet the unique needs of each individual


A safe and nurturing setting to facilitate a smooth journey to recovery

Here’s How Richmond Pines Healthcare & Rehabilitation Center Can Help


Short Term Care

Richmond Pines Healthcare and Rehabilitation Center focuses on providing short-term care and rehabilitation services for patients who require skilled nursing care post-hospitalization. We are committed to establishing a secure environment that enables a smooth healing and recovery journey, and our round-the-clock skilled nursing care is part of our comprehensive offerings.

Memory Care

Richmond Pines Healthcare and Rehabilitation Center’s Memory Care Units offer specialized, skilled and empathetic memory care to individuals with dementia.

Long Term Care

Our Hamlet, NC facility is committed to providing high-quality, compassionate long-term healthcare services to our elderly residents and individuals with chronic illnesses. We understand their unique needs and offer 24/7 skilled nursing care for their comprehensive care.

Our Care Model


At Richmond Pines Healthcare and Rehabilitation Center in Hamlet, NC, through our compassionate interdisciplinary staff, we offer short-term rehabilitation stays and skilled long-term healthcare services. Our focus is on delivering a dignified and compassionate experience that enhances the quality of life for our residents, their families, and our employees.

We work together to:


Strive to exceed the expectations of our residents, their families, and our team members


Promote the building of quality connections between our staff and the families of our residents


Aim towards delivering the highest standards of excellent service and performance


Celebrate and rejoice in the successes we reach as a team

At Richmond Pines Healthcare and Rehabilitation Center, our services are designed to accommodate the diverse needs of both adults and the elderly, offering comprehensive care that addresses physical, emotional, social, and spiritual aspects. We aim to provide a well-rounded resident experience.

Whether you’re recuperating from a temporary stay or embarking on the transition to senior care, our dedicated team is here to offer support and assistance throughout each phase of your journey.

Kind Words

I love it! Everyone is good to me and takes good care of me.  I love the therapy staff and spending time with them to get stronger.



Our Interdisciplinary Care Team

Our care model at Richmond Pines Healthcare and Rehabilitation Center is carefully designed to minimize hospital readmissions, facilitate swift and seamless recovery, and optimize patient outcomes. We prioritize smooth transitions between care settings, with our interdisciplinary team committed to the holistic well-being of every resident. Our services include personalized care, comprehensive medical assistance, and a wide range of rehabilitation programs.

Infographic of the healthcare professionals that work at Richmond Pines Healthcare & Rehabilitation Center.

Kind Words

I love it here— everyone is very nice and there are lots of windows to look out and enjoy nature.

– L O N G – T E R M  C A R E  R E S I D E N T

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